Promote diversity and inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is the first step to building a workforce where all Canadians have fair access to job opportunities. Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, newcomers, veterans, seniors, and youth often struggle in the labour market. That's why we introduced the employment groups feature on Job Bank.

What is the employment groups feature on Job Bank?

Employment groups is a Job Bank initiative that aims to help disadvantaged groups of persons participate in the labour market. Members of these groups are encouraged to use the tools and resources provided to help them with their integration into the Canadian workforce.

The feature also aims to promote an accurate representation of Canada's diverse population within the labour market. Through the implementation of various programs and initiatives, the Government of Canada has committed to creating equal employment opportunities for all Canadians regardless of their identification.

Some members belonging to employment groups are represented under the Employment Equity Act. Learn more about equality and inclusion and the Government of Canada's commitment to eliminating discriminatory barriers for all Canadians.

Recruit employment groups members

Are you interested in recruiting from a diverse group of job seekers? Discover a number of tools and resources available to assist you in recruiting from various employment groups, such as:

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