Hire a diverse workforce

Find out how.

According to the Employment Equity Act, every employer plays a role in eliminating employment barriers and ensuring that persons in designated groups are represented in the employer's workforce.

Expand your talent pool

Job Bank offers tips, tools and resources to help employers adopt inclusive hiring practices and recruit a diverse, talented and skilled workforce.

Hire Indigenous people

  • Use Job Bank to post jobs and target Indigenous peoples looking for work.
  • Learn how to make your workplace more inclusive to Indigenous peoples.

Hire Youth

  • Learn more about the Canada Summer Jobs program that funds quality jobs for young Canadians.
  • Keep an eye on Job Bank to find out when to apply for funding.

Hire Newcomers in Canada

  • Get the facts on why hiring newcomers is good for business and find tips for recruiting, integrating and retaining newcomers.
  • Learn about foreign credential recognition and how you can support new employees with training.

Hire Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces

  • Learn how your organisation can benefit from the wide variety of skills that transitioning military members and Veterans have in various fields.
  • Engage with Veterans Affairs Canada to recruit and hire military talents efficiently.

Hire persons with disabilities

  • Gain insights on the myths and truths related to persons with disabilities and their ability to work.
  • Be informed on how to support employees with disabilities and access hiring support.

Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Employees of diverse backgrounds bring a variety of perspectives, knowledge and skills that can:

  • Achieve better business outcomes

  • Increase innovation and originality

  • Help understanding customers' needs

  • Boost team productivity and efficiency

  • Result in economic growth

Did you know?

Diversity and inclusion are key drivers in building a welcoming labour market for everyone, establishing a more creative and agile business, and attracting and retaining qualified employees.

Diversity in the workforce

A diverse workforce consist of employees who have differences related to multiple factors, such as identities, abilities, backgrounds, cultures, skills, perspectives and experiences.

Inclusion in the workplace

An inclusive workplace ensures that all employees are welcomed, valued, accepted and supported. It is an equitable work environment where differences are embraced and leveraged.

Government of Canada's initiatives

To find out what the Government of Canada is doing to promote employment equity, diversity, and inclusion in federal workplaces, you can visit Diversity and inclusion in the public service.

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