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Did you know?

There are approximately 645,000 working-aged Canadians with disabilities who have the potential to work in an inclusive labour market.

Hire through Job Bank

Help create an inclusive workplace by hiring persons with disabilities looking for work.


There are many myths surrounding persons with disabilities and their ability to work.

Myth: Most people with disabilities use wheelchairs.

Truth: About 1% of Canadians use wheelchairs. Pain, mobility and flexibility limitations are the most common types of disabilities in Canada. Many disabilities are not visible.

Myth: Training employees with disabilities is hard and expensive.

Truth: All new employees require different amounts of time to learn new job skills, regardless of whether or not they are a person with a disability. Costs are typically minimal and financial supports are available to employers.

Myth: Persons with disabilities lack qualifications

Truth: Persons with and without disabilities have similar levels of education. 2,088,220 out of 3,727,920 core working aged persons with disabilities have some form of post-secondary education.

Disability-related employment benefits

Learn about benefits and allowances that you can provide employees with disabilities. These benefits include transportation costs and attendant services, which may be non-taxable.

Learn more about working with persons with disabilities

There are various projects available to help employers connect with persons with disabilities. Find a service provider that can prepare and assist you with hiring and retaining persons with disabilities.
These service providers can assist you with finding qualified staff, obtaining support for workplace adaptations and creating a more inclusive workplace.

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